Friday, January 30, 2009

What... the....

After one long year, What the Pho finally opened. J and I stopped in to try out their offerings and found pan-Asian hotel restaurant interior design, semi-terrible service, a big menu, and good food.

J had the beef pho, which he proclaimed good, but not better that Pho Than Bros. which is still the winner with their magical and addictive pho broth. And I, after asking the waitress 5 different ways whether or not the veggie pho was in fact vegetarian (not), I ended up having a very tasty veggie noodle bowl that I would highly recommend, and would go back for again.

Funny thing about What the Pho was the placement of their logo on all of their dishware. Every time I looked at my food, I was like "What the pho?"

I have to wonder how many people go to a restaurant and wonder where the heck they ended up? This is most likely to happen at those places that stay open for the bar crowd in downtown Seattle. I'm pretty sure I've seen people at Charlie's at 2am who don't have a clue which planet they're on let alone which restaurant they're in.

Food: 5/5
Atmosphere: 3/5 (minus 2 points for feeling like I was in a fancy hotel restaurant)
Good times: 5/5

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Low Profile Lunch

It's best to keep this short and sweet. B had lunch at Whole Foods (I made a delightful taco salad) with a "friend". Good food, good times, good friend.

Food: 4/5 I feel like a food artist whenever I eat at the Whole Foods salad/hot food bar

Good Times: 5/5 NO TUKWILA!

Fear of having my T2 posting capability revoked 3/5

Lunching with my pregnant unnamed friend 5/5

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

B off site tomorrow

B will be reporting from beautiful South Lake Union tomorrow. Lunch location is still TBA. The Artificial Woman may be in attendance. Stay tuned. Good luck J and R. May the lunch gods smile upon you.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Who knew that Burien was on the cutting edge of the music scene? R and I ate at Elliott Bay Brewing Company today. Once again it was delicious and once again I was accosted by the overripe banana vapor from the produce store a few doors down. I am starting breath holding training immediately.

While dining, R and I had the pleasure of strolling down musical memory lane at the Brewing Company as they played some Whitney Houston, Cindy Lauper and maybe even some Corey Hart. It felt like the sixth grade talent show all over again.

My reuben sandwich was delicious (I did hold off on the special sauce and replaced it with mustard); I felt a shock of protein. R was shocked (not in a good way) at the limp and lifeless veggie burger sheathed within a nicely toasted bun accompanied by beautifully sautéed mushrooms.

Elliott Bay Brewing Company is a winner and easily satisfied my hunger of the heart.

Food 5/5
Atmosphere 4//5 (-1 for banana vapor)
Good Times 5/5

B-Town Adventure

Today B was having a "hunger of the heart" so we ventured up to Burien for some pub food at Elliot Bay Brewing Company. EBBC is always a great place for filling voids, emotional or otherwise, and I would highly recommend fish tacos and a pint of Razn'Stout (raspberry framboise mixed with their house brewed stout) to anyone.

Because B has been ordered by his trainer at the gym to eat more dead things, B had a grilled Rueben with the works. I had a mushroom swiss burger sub veggie patty that was a whole lot like eating fried casserole on a bun, mushy and pointless. Mental note: remember to stick to the fish tacos.

After lunch we headed over to Safeway to pick up snacks for the Bird Killer. We had been there a few weeks back with him, and he went over the moon when he realized that Safeway carries his childhood favorite treat - a Mexican cookie that resembles a cracker with four ice cream scoops and sprinkles on top.

When BK returns to the office tomorrow, I'm hoping he won't report us to HR on harrassment charges. Although our gift is sincere, you can never know how he will respond.

Food: 3/5 (minus 2 for fried casserole)
Atmosphere: 4/5 (automatic deduction for being in Burien)
Good times: 5/5

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Power Womon!

Hello Loyal Readers-

B is back! How can you miss me if I don't go away?

Today I took Power Womon to lunch for her birthday and we ended up at Red Robin. I'm generally neutral about the Robin, although today PW and I sat in the bar area. I thought this would be exciting. It was not.

Let me assure you, no one and I mean no one will ever confuse the Robin bar with the Joeys bar. It's a night and day difference, in clothing terms, Joeys is "Forever 21" or "bebe" and the Robin is "Sears" or "J.C. Penney". Also, I always feel like I'm inside a blood vessel in the's so RED!

Overall, service was efficient, food was above average and atmosphere was…well, type AB negative.

Slow, but steady

Yes, it's been a wholelotta monotony around Tukwila lately... we'd rather not bore our readers with - "went to Blue C" or "went to Taco Del Mar" day after day.

Some notable updates:
- The Taco Queen is still missing.
- DeDe has put in for a transfer to the U-Village Blue C, but apparently it's such a popular spot to work, she'll need to wait for someone to die before she can move.

B and I did go to the Jack Shack yesterday - I was craving tacos with girth. However, we sat on the dining side, rather than the bar side (aka: slut side) of the restaurant, so our server didn't mention girth, nor was he (emphasis on gender) dressed in a way that inspired us to think he works the late, late shift on Aurora. The dining side of Joey's is like any other eatery, it's when you go to the bar side that the atmosphere changes into something that resembles the movie set of Coyote Ugly.

I suppose we should spice it up a bit so we'll have something to write about. What we need are more suggestions. Is there a place in Tukwila that you've been wanting to try, but haven't? Send us there! Have you been to a place where the food is great, but the service/atmosphere/location is laughable? Tell us!

Having worked in Tukwila for the past 8 years, we're always looking for new haunts. If you know of a place that we should try out - let us know!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hail to the C!

Happy Inauguration!

J and I celebrated change by doing the usual - eating at Blue C for lunch.

Lunch was pretty quiet - I was completely distracted by Blue C's flat screen TV showing the live feed of the Presidential Motorcade. J was already past the inaugural fun, and kept trying to engage me in conversation, but I was only able to listen with one ear (sorry, J).

Yesterday was truly amazing. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Food: 5/5
Atmosphere: 5/5 (score extra points for changing the channel from the Cartoon Network to ABC)
History making: 5/5

Friday, January 9, 2009


Because our faithful reader, M suggested it, today J and I ventured 7 minutes north of the Compound to try out Georgetown's sandwich shop, Smarty Pants. It was nice to leave Tukwila Life for a little bit and explore Seattle's newest up-and-coming hipster neighborhood.

Even though it's Friday, Smarty Pants was serving brunch, so I ordered an egg burrito and J ordered the biscuits and gravy. While we were waiting (forever) for our heroine-chic waitress to bring us our brunch, the ketchup bottle literally - out of nowhere - jumped off the table top and went crashing to the ground. Could there be an angry ghost trapped in Smarty Pants? Or was our ketchup tired of being manhandled by out of work artists, Seattle hipsters, and the occasional gaggle of Boeing geeks? Whatever the reason, it was a miracle that J's unbelievably crisp, white dress shirt came out of it completely unharmed.

When our food arrived, my burrito looked and tasted deelish, but the hash browns were pallid and seemed to have been fried on a grill that has never, ever received a good scrub. J's food looked better, and he seemed to enjoy it. I've been to Smarty Pants before and had an amazing sandwich experience, so if we go back, I'll probably just stick to the lunch menu - there's nothing sadder than bad hash browns.

Oh, and by the way, Georgetown is a cool, bohemian chic town - too bad about the statistically high number of sex offenders living in the area, and the various climate contaminants. Regardless, they have interesting shops, great sandwiches, and intriguing landscapes. Besides, it's a fun escape for those dreary January days of Tukwila, on second thought, living on the island of Lost would probably be a fun escape from Tukwila anytime of the year, but I digress.

Food: 3/5
Atmosphere: 4/5 (minus one for the creepy, suicidal ketchup incident)
Good times: 5/5

Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 Will Be Fine

Yesterday, B and I started off the T2 new year by hitting up Taco Del Mar for some fish tacos and to see if the Taco Queen has returned... which she has not, but it will be okay. The Taco Princess is still there, and she makes one heckuva fish taco.

B kicked off his new year by throwing his keys into the TDM trash along with his taco wrappers. Is this a sign of things to come for B? Stay tuned...

Food: 5/5
Atmosphere: Always nice 5/5
Good times: although we were both suffering from post-vacation dull-drums, B always finds a way to liven things up: 5/5 for key tossing.