Thursday, July 31, 2008


By the way - Kilt Guy... put some pants on, Tukwila is far, far away from the United Kingdom.

Hot Dogs and Angels

Today, J and B are out of the office, so for lunch my choices were to:
A. go to Taco Del Mar (always a good choice)
B. eat a noodle soup at my desk, or
C. go to the top of the employee parking garage where there is a summer event in progress - watch the Blue Angels and laugh at the people participating in the Hot Dog Eating Contest.

I chose B. and C.

Option B is considered the "Loneliest Lesbian Lunch" or what J and I refer to as - the LL Lunch. An LL Lunch is had alone at one's desk, eating a meal that requires either to be reheated, rehydrated, or microwaved (sometimes all 3). Think of it this way - if your lunch requires you to puncture 4 - 5 holes, or pull back the corner for ventilation, you're probably having an LL Lunch. While it's thrifty, it is the loneliest kind of lunch you can have. My noodle soup was good, but not very satiating, so I'm still hungry - although, not hungry enough to eat a hot dog.

Speaking of hot dogs - I'm sure that when I mentioned Option C., it sounded strange, but yes - my place of employment decided to have a weenie roast on the top level of the parking garage. Like anyone here needs a reason to eat fatty foods - looking around this place, many could have benefited from a carrot and celery roast, accompanied by a relay race around the Hummers and F150s parked up there. And to make matters worse, the roast included a hot dog eating contest. Well, there you go.

To my surprise, there were plenty of people who had turned out to watch the event. These people in the hot dog hats (right) where volunteers running orders. Where do you even get a hat like that? To think that some of these people need to be taken seriously after all of this - I mean, how can you take your manager seriously after they were seen wearing a hat like that?

Speaking of shock - when it came time for the hot dog eating contest, I was shocked that not one woman entered. Instead - it was four average guys. None was of an impressive size, none was a total slob once the contest began (I expected to see ketchup drizziling all over their dress shirts), and none of them ate more than 5 hotdogs. But here are some pictures anyway.

One benefit to being up there was a "view" of the Blue Angels who were practicing for their SeaFair show this Saturday. I say "view" here because your chance of a jet flying directly above your head way out here in Tukwila is pretty slim. Usually, you just see them flying along the horizon, far, far away (see that dot under the arrow?). Although I L-O-V-E the Blue Angels, I wasn't there for them, I was there to see who would make a show of it at the hot dog eating contest. And altough it was an overall dissapointment, at least part of my LL Lunch was away from my desk, and into the fresh air of Tukwila.

Destello's rating
Food 3/5 (note that my LL Lunch rates higher than Racha)
Good times 1/5

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You Got Served

Ahhh... Blue C. This time our waiter was DeShawnda, she had a straight-up attitude and natural sass unlike any other waiter in the south-end, but that's why we liked her. She was straightforward and told it like it is. It's so refreshing to get the truth every now and then (take note Bubble Tea Lying Girl).

On to the food - mmmm... seared tuna! The picture really can't do it justice, you need to taste it to believe it. And today I felt hungrier than ever, but refrained from eating more than 6 plates - sushi at Blue C is deeelish for sure, but it's also really expensive. This really can't become a habit or I will need a part-time job.

J finally shared a secret that he has been keeping from B and I today - katsu potatoes are super tasty. I had it in my mind that they probably tasted something like homefries you'd order with your breakfast at Charlies on Broadway, but instead they taste similar to a beniet (French pastry) - slightly sweet, with a crispy outer shell and soft and pillowy in the middle.

After lunch, like a new habit, we went to the Bubble Tea Lying Girl Place and Self-Serve Fro Yo. I tried the frozen yogurt (not as good as ce Fiore) - green tea with strawberries, blueberries and Fruity Pebble cereal. It seems good for you. Anyway - it's self-serve, so I think I'm going to need some practice exercising self restraint, especially since the tub they give you to put your fro yo in is about 32 ounces.

Destello's ratings:
Lunch 5/5
Fro Yo 3/5
Good times 5/5

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Racha's Stock Falls


I love Racha - in Queen Anne, that is. J and I were so excited about the prospect of having one closer to our offices that the first day we were all back in the office together, we made the trip.

First impression: the Cheesecake Factory went Thai. The interior is probably the genius of the same designer that the Cheesecake Factory used - think whimsy. I'm surprised the rice wasn't served in a tilting tower.

We were welcomed by two Geisha Barbies - two blond, blue-eyed ladies wearing short-cropped kimonos and bowing with their hands clasped - Welcome! - it was startling. I felt like running in the direction of Blue C where there are no "It's a Small World" themes, but going from my food experience at the Queen Anne location - I felt that I could get past it if the food was good.

Food - I've had better at the food court. I ordered the Pud See Ew with just veggies - normally, this dish is very flavorful and doesn't need much in the way of protein to make it taste good, but maybe the new Racha needs time to season their woks? My dish was pretty bland, even the fresh Chinese broccoli couldn't save it. J ordered an "appetizer" (big enough to be considered - dinner for a family of 4) of calamari and the beef panang curry, which he seemed to enjoy.

Are we likely to return? No, not for lunch anyway - it's not all that often I want to spend $15 an entree for lunch. Dinner might work, but I'll probably wait until the Geisha fad has passed... give it a month or so.

Destello's ratings:
Lunch 2/5
Atmosphere 2/5
Good times 4/5

Friday, July 25, 2008

July 25--A Red Letter Day!

Not only did B discover a new Chipoltle is headed to his neighborhood, today marked the long awaited return of the Westfield Shoppingtown Southcenter food court!

Today's selection was the always popular Blue C Sushi, which did not disappoint. The spicy tuna was excellent, the potato katsu crispy, the sesame noodles sesame-y. There were, however, some unfortunate hair choices on the part of the wait staff, foremost of which was our very own waiter, Andrew, who decided to shave his head without the use of a mirror. Bad idea, Andy!

Lunch quickly morphed into in-mall snacktime, where we met a girl who lies about the ingredients of milk tea, and a self-serve fro-yo stand. B and J each got a giant tub of yogurt for $5, and R got a jasmine tea from the lying girl. J would rate the yogurt as mediocre at best, but the tea was amusing as R managed to spill it all over herself, despite it being housed in a vacuum sealed container.

J's ratings:

Lunch 4/5
Yogurt 2/5
Good times 3/5

Southcenter Mall Finally Reopens

It's official - today, Westfield Shopping Center is celebrating their grand re-opening.

To the hordes of crowds blocking up the parking lot, food court, and the H&M store, this must be the hottest thing that's hit this area since the Rainforest Cafe opening back in 1999. It was so exciting, in fact that someone had a heart-attack in the middle of H&M.

So what in name of love would cause the three of us to trudge through a sea of South-enders during such a grand event? Blue C Sushi. Its got a funky, Tokyo-inspired interior, and ridiculously deeelish sushi.

It used to be, if you wanted sushi, your choices were limited to Sushi(ghetto)land and Myabi. Both are sub-par, and both might give you E. coli with their warm, grade B tuna. And with food options getting really old out here, the idea of a favorite downtown restaurant opening near our offices was... well let's just say that none of us scheduled meetings close to, or after our lunchtime.

My favorite dish at Blue C is the Seared Tuna with garlic sauce. It's fresh, cold, garlicky, and as Blayne from Project Runway would say - liscious. Besides the seared tuna, Spicy Tuna Roll and Sesame Noodles run a close second. I could eat my weight in sushi there...

Sushi is sacred. Blue C is a temple. Thank God, something worth eating in the south-end.

Destello's ratings:
Lunch 4/5
Bubble tea 2/5
Good times 4/5 (lower score due to a deceitful bubble tea - see J's blog above)