Friday, December 19, 2008

Tummy Tukwila Top Moments

I'm snowed in and am dreaming of eating out, even in Tukwila (it's the cabin fever). Here's my personal countdown of the Top Tummy Tukwila Moments of 2008.

Drum Roll.......

#5. No more Sushi Land! Southcenter Mall reopens complete with a Blue C Sushi. Blue C is the Tummy Tukwila lunch savior. Blue C (and DeDe)....we love you!

#4. The Psychic Paleontologist at Taco Del Mar. R and I witnessed the unsettling archeological dig at the serving line. This is also the woman who licked her burrito. The downside.....the Taco Queen is MIA. :(

#3. Discovering a safe and natural Yeast Infection Cure. Thanks to the Birdkiller's super reading skills, B and R learn that yogurt at ceFiore is effective in the global fight against deadly (or at least uncomfortable) yeast.

#2. The Trip. After an uneventful food court lunch, R decides to spice things up by unleashing a hip and horrifying tripping detonation. It was like the Energizer Bunny…it went on and on and on......

#1. Southcenter is Slutatious! The ladies of Joeys take the top prize this year. Whether it is slipping "girth" into an ordering conversation, festooning themselves in skimpy black leather and lace or day lighting as waitresses (and moonlighting as pole offenders), the Joeys Jezebels take the cake (and probably will jump out of one too).

Looking forward to 2009! Eat well!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

We DID it!

After identifying the closest Safeway to the office (for the annual food drive competition...and also I hate Safeway, I mean I really hate Safeway ) which happens to be in the joyful town of Burien, R identified a lunch location to build up our shopping energy. Guess what folks...we went somewhere we've never been before....Elliott Bay Brewing Company!

I was quite cautious at first due to the fact that the strip shopping mall in which this establishment is located is like a little Guadalajara in Seattle. I was a cynic and thought, how good could this place be, I mean its next door neighbors are a Mexican herbal shop and a stripper shoe store. To my surprise, the decor, ambiance and food at Elliott Bay are delicious. Our waitress, Freda, was dressed in a cozy hoodie, which normally I disapprove of, however after experiencing the dress code at Joey's I find clothing coverage quite refreshing. I had the fish and chips- the chips portion was addictive and the fish was delicious. The slaw however was below average. R enjoyed her veggie meal and the Birdkiller (yes the Birdkiller was there, I forgot to mention earlier) devoured his cheeseburger. The Birdkiller's exact words were “The bun was toasted very nicely".

After consuming our shopping fuel, we raced off to the Safeway to help feed the hungry- and to burn off a few lunch calories. Overall EBBC is a winner and worthy of another visit.

Food: 4.5/5
Ambience: 5/5 (the wood columns were beautiful)
Good Times: 4/5 (the Birdkiller was quite pleasant today…no killings)
Getting beat at iPhone air hockey: …well you should ask R, I assume a low score here

T2 Goes to Burien

J was out having lunch in George Town with Long Lost Friend, so it was just B, the Bird Killer and I for lunch, and since the Compound's annual Food Drive competition is on, a trip to Safeway was in order.

The only Safeway I know of around here is in Burien - so I figured this was finally my chance to talk the guys into lunching on some amazing pub food at the Elliot Bay Brewing Co. in Burien.

EBBC is a favorite of mine - the one located in West Seattle has always been the place to get a pitcher of Raz-n-Stout when there was any kind of celebrating or lamenting to be had. Last year an EBBC opened in Burien, and I have since been trying to talk B & J into going for lunch. The concern was always that it was in Burien (aka: Rat City) and that it was far away. Today at least B learned otherwise, and a delicious time was had by all.

A low light of the afternoon was the fruit stand 5 doors down from EBBC where over-ripe bananas were stacked up for a quick sale. The smell of them caused B to dry heave and run (he has a very strong dislike for bananas), but the Bird Killer was overjoyed that they were deeply discounted (he loves a good sale).

A highlight? The stripper shoe store - this must be where the girls at Joey's shop.

Food: 5/5
Atmosphere: 5/5 (score extra points for an on-site brewery)
Good times: 4/5 (minus a point for accidentally scoring on myself 4 times during iPhone air hockey)