Friday, February 27, 2009

Whither Hast Thou Wandered, DeDe?

R, B and J have been cheating on our one true love, Blue C Sushi, lately, and when we finally returned, we were dismayed to see that our one true love had not waited for us. Instead of sassy servers and smiling, lithe homosexual managers with questionable hair choices, we were greeted at the door by what appeared to be the cast offs of a frat party. It only went downhill from there.
DeDe knows how to work us for those tips--she has our drinks ready for us and places our special orders before we even make them. She is intuitive and efficient, knowing when to sit down and talk with us and when to leave us alone. When she and Matthew the Manager are around, it's all VIP, baby. Today was anything but VIP. No cushy corner booth, orders came out wrong, and everything took forever. B and J complained often and audibly, while R clandestinely munched her way through 19 plates in sullen silence.

The atmosphere was also odd today. Weird music pervaded the air, prompting B to speculate that perhaps they were eating at the Pussycat Doll lounge, and J to comment that he expected a stripper with an albino snake around her neck to show up at any moment and turn into a vampire before their very eyes. Also, there was a very bizarre and slightly unnerving ski jump competition playing on the television screen.

Undoubtedly, things will pick up next time. Lo siento, Blue C Sushi. We'll never stray so long again.

Food: 3/5

Ambience: 2/5

No Dede: 0/5

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teavana Some Tea?

After a Blue C anomaly (no Dede) and some Red Mango with cereal (the strawberries looked pureed) , J, R and B headed to the first floor of South Center to check out the new Teavana store. B received a gift card to Teavana for Christmas, and wanted to check out the tea possibilities. As soon as we stepped into Teavana, the tea vultures were instantly upon us with syrupy samples of teas like: Moonlight Mango Magic and Coco-Berry Cantaloupe Blend---huh? J and B tried to avoid direct eye contact and focused on the tasteful and tacky tea accoutrements (some tasteful, many tacky)

To B's surprise, R seems to be really enjoying the tea experience, to the point of befriending the peppy personnel who looked as if they had indulged in too much caffeine and sugar. And I mean way too much caffeine and sugar. What did they put in R's “sample”?? R made a tea purchase (a blend of two teas no less—fancy pants) and we attempted to leave the store only to be foiled by the sample machine. Makes me wonder if the Teavana owners once worked at Costco.

No Dede: 0/5
Tea tastiness: 3/5 Very, very sweet
Tea nomenclature: 3/5 The tea names are very new age
*Photo does not depict J, R or B

Desperately Seeking DeDe

Today J, B and myself headed to Blue C. It's been about 2 weeks since we were last there, and when we walked in - a whole new set of faces greated us. One even had the nerve to ask,

"Is this your first time at Blue C?"
"Do you know who we are?!"

Where is DeDe? Where is Pink Shirt Guy? B asked, "Who are all of these white people?"

I suppose we have been spoiled by DeDe. She knows exactly what we want, doesn't ask a ton of questions, and most of all - she's real. It just felt so lonely there without her.

Next we headed to Red Mango for some sweet therapy. Now Red Mango has a club card that generates points when you buy fro yo, and gives you extra points on your birthday! B and I registered our cards when we got back to the compound. Already I'm at 88 points... had this been accumulating this entire time, I would have had 50k points by now!

Atmosphere: 3/5 (minus 2 points for having to adjust to a whole new cast of characters)
Food: 5/5
Good times: 3/5 (minus 2 points for missing DeDe)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catching up with T2

It's been pretty busy around the compound lately - here is a quick rundown of our lunchtime adventures as of late:

Fill It Up (My Basket of Fries)

J and I ate at Red Robin - it had been a really long time since we'd been there, but the same wait staff is still there. Our favorite is Horsetail Woman. She has the longest French braid I've ever seen, and she is quite possibly the longest Red Robin employee on the books (she's always been there, and she's a pro at what she does). J guessed that her favorite pastimes include collecting Breyer horse figurines, and scrap booking - maybe at the same time - she's that good.

Pita Pit & Frau Farbissina

It was the fastest eatery opening in the history of Southcenter. The Pita Pit opened sometime early last week to the great delight of all of us southenders dying for a happy sandwich place.

The cashier lady is the newest addition to T2's growing cast of southend characters - the way she screamed: "bringoutthe TUUN, AH!" to the guys working the line after I ordered a tuna pita, I dubbed her Frau Farbissina. I'm certain that she will provide T2 plenty of lunchtime entertainment.

T 'n A and Billy Ocean

For kicks, Lady J met me at Joey's today. I wanted to get her reaction to Southcenter's very own Coyote Ugly. We sat on the bar side to get the full effect.

As usual, the bar was filled with dudes trolling for that spare girth comment, and 80s tunes that surely make them remember their glory days when they had heads full of hair and lives filled with virility. I assume this makes them want to spend more money, but since I'm not a dude, I can only guess the affect of what T 'n A coupled with Billy Ocean and John Cougar Mellencamp does to those poor, lonely guys.

My apologies to Lady J. Next time you get to pick where we go.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Introducing... the Taco Lolita

Yesterday, B and I along with special guests the Power Womon, and the Chef headed to Taco Del Mar to get our taco fix.

The Taco Queen is still MIA, but now there is a new taco maker in town: Taco Lolita, so called because she's probably just 18 years old, obviously spends a little extra time to look pretty before her afternoon shift at TDM, and might even go a little further for than neccassary for a tip. But that's just a whole lot of assumptions. Go to Taco Del Mar and decide for yourself.

Soon the Pita Pit will be opening across from the mall next to Zoopas - when it does, it will be a glorious day for those who love sandwhiches, but love their happiness too much to go to the saddest Subway in the world (a story we will tell you about someday).

Food: 5/5
Atmosphere: 5/5
Good times: 5/5 (extra points for Power Womon and the Chef)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Forget Ground Hog Day

It's official!
Today I saw the Kilt Guy, which can only mean one thing - Spring is on its way.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

J and I ate at Randy's for lunch today. We've often driven past Randy's on our way to South Park for Mexican food, and joked - Dang, we could have gone to Randy's! Today, we actually went there.

The slowly decaying Randy's, located along the Boeing plant drag on Marginal Way S., is determined to never change a thing - not even its waitresses. You can probably assume that the place is only still in business because it's within spitting distance of Boeing.

From the street, Randy's looks scary - it's dark, broken-down, and the parking lot is filled with the kind of vehicles you'd expect to see at a rest stop along the deep East end of Highway 90.

Even though it was against my better judgement, we pulled into the parking lot, and walked into the front door. Once inside, we were sucked back in time. The vinyl booths were pink and orange striped, model airplanes swung from the ceilings, photographs or illustrations of old Boeing planes adorned the booth walls, and the waitresses were most likely there the day Randy's first opened their swinging doors.

After getting over our nervous laughter from Randy himself seating us all the way in the back, behind a partition, we surveyed the menu. Randy's is incredibly inexpensive - most plates were less than $6 or $7, and they offer everything from a 24-hour breakfast to Veal Parmesan.

Our waitress was an ancient woman. Half-deaf and mostly grumpy, we could tell that she didn't really care for us, and when J tried ordering a strawberry shake, mid order, she abruptly disappeared. She came back a few minutes later, and rather than upset her further, we ordered as simply as possible.

J ordered a mushroom-Swiss burger and I decided to go for the veggie burger. When our food came (along with the check), I was shocked to find an actual Garden Burger brand garden burger (their factories closed last year due to health violations), and since I'm probably one of the only vegetarians to ever visit Randy's, I'm certain I wasn't just sitting in a time-warp, I was eating one too.

Overall, I probably won't be craving the place anytime soon. I would suggest trying it only after you've exhausted all other options in Tukwila, Burien, Georgetown, and South Park.

The signs have all started to lose their bits, so if you go looking for Randy's - look instead for Ranay's.

Food: 1/5 (minus almost all points for the ancient Garden Burger)
Atmosphere: 3/5
Good times: 4/5 (extra points for it becoming funnier the longer I've thought about it)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Return of The Fat Girl

Today B discovered that no Simply Thai is safe - no matter which one he dines at, he will likely be served by his most hated waitress, The Fat Girl.

The Fat Girl, as he refers to her, is a chubby, ill-tempered waitress who works at Simply Thai. She would rather spit in your face than bring you a refill on your iced tea. B dislikes her so much that for the past two years we've had to eat at the echoey, hot-box Simply Thai near the mattress store rather than the cushy, Simply Thai with booths.

Today, when B, The Chef and I walked into the hot-box Simply Thai, B spotted the Fat Girl from across the room, and we had to stop him from walking back out again. He reasoned that since she was behind the register, she had finally received that long-deserved demotion and wouldn't be serving us, but 5 minutes after we had sat down, here she comes - all scowling and round.

I thought for certain there was going to be a scene, and we would never be able to eat at Simply Thai again, but surprisingly, B and she were civil toward one another. There were no dramatics, no dirty looks, nothing - just flat customer service and one aloof customer.

Food: 4/5 (even with ill-tempered staff, Simply Thai is one of the best Thai places in Seattle)
Atmosphere: 1/5 (minus 2 points for each awkward moment)
Good times: 5/5 (The Chef always makes everything better)