Friday, September 11, 2009


Sorry, readers. With vacations and crazy schedules, the summer has proven to be very busy for us here at T2. We'll pick it up again later this fall. Meanwhile - head out to some of our favorite places and enjoy some of the local characters of Tukwila!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

(New Feature!) J Tries Something Different

After an extended absence which involved first graduating, then spending a couple of months doing nothing that required thinking, J makes his triumphant return to Tummy Tukwila. Endlessly attending University of Washington has resulted in many routines that he is now trying to break. One of these routines is always ordering the same thing at restaurants. From now until 2010, J will select something he has never or rarely eaten at the T2 gang's familiar haunts, and review his experiences.

August 4 Familiar Haunt: Joeys [sic]
J's Routine: Better Beef Dip with Skinny Fries

The T2 crew was joined for lunch today by frequent guest star Power Womon as they headed to Joeys for a healthy dose of T&A (that's "tasty" and "appetizing," pervert) vittles. At first, everyone tried something different--Joeys had a bland, unappealing male host instead of Paris Hilton, and the crew sat in the actual restaurant instead of the bar, an experience not unlike attending the buffet at a senior citizen's home in Las Vegas. Paris herself had even changed her hair from rolling-on-the-top-of-a-camaro blonde to sexy librarian cinnamon.

For his something different, J ordered the lobster grilled cheese, which he has eaten once before, and crispy mashed potatoes instead of fries, which he had not eaten before. Upon arrival, the plate was oddly unbalanced--the sandwich was tiny, cut into quarters, and arranged in a small, vaguely unappealing pile while the potatoes loomed large on the other side in a giant white bowl. It turned out that the sandwich was just the right size, as it was very rich. J found the lobster to be slightly fishy in taste, but mixed well with the melted brie cheese. However, the bread was a bit too oily for his taste, and the spring onion mixed in overpowered the other ingredients. The potatoes were also garnished with spring onion (note to Joeys: it's nearly autumn), which J swept aside, as well as bacon, cheddar cheese, and a dollop of sour cream. They resembled egg rolls--mashed potatoes stuffed inside some sort of shell and deep fried--and were delicious for about four bites. After that, they tasted oddly processed. The mashed potatoes were instant, J's palate told him, the bacon cheap, and the cheese unnecessary. He washed them down with a Thomas Kemper root beer.

The rest of the gang, however, did not try anything different. R had the fish tacos she orders everywhere, B had his tired old chicken souvlaki, and PW continued with her unapologetic quest to order the most bland and pedestrian item on every menu in South King County (caesar salad, also with crispy mashed potatoes).

Odd moment of the meal: a sudden surge in the volume of the music, selecting a sleazy slo-jam to blare at top volume. J half-expected the fingernail chandelier to dim and a pole to rise from the floor for a mid-afternoon show.

Food: 3/5
Atmosphere: The crew will return to the bar next time
Good Times: 4.5/5