Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shocking Discovery!

The Frau and B have something in common - they both prefer bad boys.

Today at the Pita Pit, the Frau was all over some poor guy and his tattoos. She actually left the register to get to this guy so she could fondle his tattoos. Either the woman has some serious juevos, or a complete lack of perception about people's personal space.

Speaking of - to my great relief (literally), the lock on the bathroom door has been changed from a terribly, difficult pinhole, to a standard no-instructions-needed key hole. Thanks, Pita Pit!

In other news - it's much cooler in Tukwila today.

It's That Time Again

It's time again for Hot Dogs & Angels!
Stuff your chowder-hole with hot dogs and punch!
Play "Which dot in the sky is a Blue Angel?"!
Compete for fabulous prizes!

Hmmm... nothxbuhbye.

After last year's embarrassingly anticlimactic hot dog eating contest, where the contestants gingerly nibbled at their hot dogs, while the winner won by barely eating 4, I'll be at the Pita Pit where playing "Stick the key in the hole, and wiggle it around" with Frau Farbissina is somehow more exhilarating.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

102 - I'm not kidding

Stupid. This weather is stupid. B said that someone here at the Compound was threatening to call the police on this weather. I agree - let's have this weather arrested for impersonating Phoenix, Arizona.

Today we were forced to go to Blue C Sushi - the food is cold and so is the service (we still miss you DeDe... wherever you are).

It's too hot to type, so I'll leave you with this:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Full Tilt

B is out of the office this week, so today J and I ventured up to White Center for some Tacos Guaymas - I was in need of some Mexican food therapy after having a hectic week at the Compound.

Guaymas is always a good choice for fast Mexican food - it's about as authentic as you can get being 2,000 miles from the border of Mexico. I had a veggie burrito, J had something new for a change - chicken tamales. And although the chips tasted like they were fried in month-old oil, and then left to sit in a dark, dank drawer in the storage closet, the food was excellent.

Afterwards, we walked over to a new ice cream/arcade in White Center called Full Tilt. Full Tilt, like Molly Moon, offers weird ice cream concoctions (cardamon, horchata, and the flavor of the month for everyone one making anything around town - salted caramel) in a video arcade of the 1980s setting. I had the horchata and J got the Blue Moon and mint chocolate chip - all were deelish and highly recommended.

We were there for a while (mostly just waiting for the ladies in front of us to order something), but after we got our scoops, we took a look at the arcade offerings: Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac Man, loads of pinball games and more. If you have 90 minutes (travel

Special message for the senior citizens of White Center: If you want to block the ice cream bar for 20 minutes, while tasting every g'damn flavor on the menu, at least BUY SOMETHING!

Thank you.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Ate This

Good, Lord! Is that meat in that delicious-looking burger? No... heck no. It's the black bean burger at Zippy's in West Seattle, and it is some unholy goodness. If you can get past the strange location (next to a weird quicky mart, across from a fire station, in the middle of a seedy neighborhood), this is a seriously excellent find.

I've been driving past this place every night for the past year, and lately they've had a line out the door that would make Molly Moon jealous. I kept wondering what the heck, and then my friend, GQ suggested we go there after a grueling, hot run around Lincoln Park. I was feeling adventurous, and she was paying, so naturally, I was in.

Turns out that Zippy's is this funky little burger joint, with walls filled with burger paraphernalia of a time gone by (remember when Happy Meals came in cardboard carriers?), and killer hamburgers. Oh, and if you love onion rings? These babies bite all the way through - no pulling out soggy onion strings. It's cash only, so be sure to have some money with you.

Meanwhile, today marked the first time in seemingly eons since the whole of T2 had lunch together. We went to Simply Thai, where there was no Fat Girl, a lady with white high-heels and legs that (according to B) - went "all the way up" - I don't know, cause I wasn't looking.

In Compound news:

This is the latest in What Not to Wear to Work:
Maybe I'm just jealous, but tennis shoes, sport socks and cargo shorts when everyone else is forced into wearing polyester and cotton blends is not a great way to win friends and influence people.

And, it's that time of year again - Blue Angels and hot dogs. Hopefully there won't be another hot dog eating contest, but I'm sure something equally as tragic will shake down... stay tuned.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Creatures Lurk in Old Spaces

Yesterday, B and I went to Blue C with the Bird Killer. Because he's easy to manipulate, BK was made to drive us in his young, aggressive male, luxury, sport sedan that is nearly 10 years old, covered in bird droppings, tree sap and pollen, and is growing spider webs in the back seat - where I had to sit. What in the heck? BK - you cart your family around in your Spidey mobile, for the love of birds - take it to the Brown Bear already!

After an incredible escape from a spider nest on wheels, I ate sushi. Let me tell you - Blue C is not like it was. The T2 crew no longer receive the celebrity treatment when they walk in the door, this is probably due to the fact that the entire staff has switched over, and have no clue to the fun we had there with DeDe, Pink Shirt Guy, Michael and the Lesbian. Neither do they know what shook down last March. I suppose it's a good thing - it offers a fresh start... right? There could be another DeDe type, there could be more goodness, star treatment and fun times... right?
Unfortunately, Blue C was sort of a mess. The guy who replaced DeDe, although tries really hard to give star-quality service, is an airhead. Poseur mixed up our cards and bills so badly, I thought B was going to punch him in the throat. A 20 minute ordeal came down to this - I ended up with a $10 off coupon, and B was promised $10 off with his next visit. So not too bad, but B swore he would never go back - of course, he's said this before.

Today I had lunch with the Chef at good ol' trusty, Taco Del Mar. TDM has some new outdoor seating, so we gave it a try and ate outside. The hot weather combined with a sweet breeze from the north, made my fish tacos better than I've ever had them. I could have stayed there all day, but I had to get back to the Compound and get back to work.

And for all of you Taco Queen fans - she's MIA, again. Though there is a new taco crafter in her place, and judging on her taco making skills, might just bump the Taco Queen off her throne!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

T2 - Well Rested!

For the month of June, T2 was on vacation. But now we're back and looking forward to reviewing outdoor seating, food just beyond the Tukwila line, and bringing you new and exciting T2 characters and guest contributors.

Nothing happened today, unless you count the Restaurant City avatar that served J and I at Mali Thai.